"We started saving money from the first day!"

At the family-owned business, Lundgren Transport AB in Bjuv, the members of the family are involved in all major decisions. MD Jan Lundgren, who has 30 years of experience in the haulage industry, says that the decision to take par in the test of Hultsteins' hydraulic refrigeration units was an easy one:
"We have one truck-and-trailer combination operating on return trips from Skåne in the south of Sweden to Stockholm three times a week. In addition to this, we are local carriers. Earlier, we had one rig equipped with diesel-powered refrigeration units in both the truck and the trailer. However, for the last 18 months we have been making the same journey using a new rig equipped with hydraulic refrigeration units in both the truck and the trailer.
This has resulted in savings of more than 500 litres of diesel fuel each month because of our decision to change the power source of the refrigeration units. Another positive advantage is that I now have only one diesel engine requiring monthly service instead of three, as before."
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